More than live show production

DAK Media group is committed to bringing live spectacles to modern audiences all over the world. We use our keen eye to focus on today’s social conscience to inform on creative decisions. We are well aware of what the future can bring when audiences experience a deep and meaningful story that captures the imagination.

Diversity is the future of entertainment, so we are on board in a big way. We bring to the table over 20 years of experience producing, operating and creating some of the most spectacular shows to hit the stage, including “O” (Cirque du Soleil), WaterWorld (Universal Studios), Siegfried & Roy (Mirage Entertainment) among others.

Our company is the progenitor of digital talent recruitment, casting and training – the gold standard for best practices in the modern age, where safety comes first. We also customize and create experiences for specific venues that require their own IP. Stories help us escape reality, but only when they are relevant and grounded in our partner’s expectations.

One Drop Inc. (Bellagio Hotel)

James Cameron / Cirque du Soleil

Universal Studios (Hollywood, Osaka, Singapore, Beijing)

MGM Resorts International