Experience and Expertise

Beyond the realm of live show production

DAK Media Group is unwaveringly dedicated to delivering live spectacles for contemporary audiences worldwide. We leverage our discerning perspective to navigate today’s social consciousness, guiding our creative direction. We recognize the transformative power the future holds when audiences immerse themselves in a profound and compelling narrative that captivates the imagination.

In our view, diversity is the vanguard of entertainment, and we are enthusiastically embracing this shift. Our team brings over two decades of experience in producing, operating, and crafting some of the most breathtaking shows ever staged, including “O” (Cirque du Soleil), WaterWorld (Universal Studios), among others.

Our firm is the trailblazer in digital talent recruitment, casting, and training – setting the benchmark for best practices in an era where safety is paramount. We also tailor and construct experiences for particular venues that necessitate their unique Intellectual Property (IP). While stories provide an escape from reality, they resonate only when they are relevant and align with our partners’ expectations.

James Cameron / Cirque du Soleil

Universal Studios (Hollywood, Osaka, Singapore, Beijing)

MGM Resorts International