DAK Media Group

The Future Of Entertainment Is Socially Conscious


"Their ability to seamlessly operate in multiple countries is something to behold. It's as if their teams were in the same place at the same time. It gave us confidence to let go and allow the process to happen. This is a team one can rely on..."

— Rickie Baroch, Production Manager

"DAK Media saved our skins on a project that was to go live in 24 hours. They flew in and immediately made us feel safe, as if we were off the hook for this show. With their safety-first attitude, we went live on time and within budget.”

—  Doug Hoffmann, Art Director


The preeminent team in global live productions.

Live Spectacles

Committed to bringing live spectacles to audiences around the world.  

What we do

DAK Media Group LLC is a full service production company specializing in live theatrical experiences, master planning, operational restructuring, IP creation and development.


  • Story-telling for venues around the world
  • Stunt design and implementation, Choreography
  • Live show design, production, and operation
  • Talent acquisition, training, staffing